Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Video Marketing Tips - Never Use YouTube For Your Business Web Sites & Blog - Top Ten Reasons

Video Marketing is a great way to extend your reach and build your list. And to market your business I suggest you use all the different video sites, including YouTube.

What I see many Internet Marketers doing though is using YouTube videos on their business sites and I think this is a big mistake. Let's take a closer look at my top ____ reasons why you do not want to use You Tube videos on your business web sites and blogs.

1. YouTube logo says, you don't know how, you are too cheap, you can't afford to host video on your own web site or blog. It's like giving wealth advice while driving a broken down old Pinto.

2. You cannot change the player and are stuck with what YouTube provides. You can't create colored players to match the look and feel of your website.

3. There is no way to auto start or do a URL redirect to your sales page.

4. You cannot put in your video in membership sites as content is public and not protected.

5. There is no way to do tracking links so you can track from where your visitors are coming.

6. YouTube puts search boxes in the video that take your visitor away from your website.These can be links to related videos who may be your competitors.

7. In a YouTube there can be clickable links in the lower 3rd of the screen - Google Ads - that take your visitors to other websites, possibly your competitors.

8. YouTube can change the rules at anytime, and no matter how much you whine, they could care less.

9. What if you had 1000's of videos that make you money on 100's of websites and YouTube ran Super Bowl commercials for Miller Beer, and you had an AA Alcoholics blog or website...Not good for your audience.

10. You basically have no control over the video you produced.

Bottom Line - You Tube for traffic to you, never for your business money making websites. And here's how you can claim your FREE Instant Access to a 6 minute video on how to safely host videos on your money making sites when you visit http://www.s3mediaplayer.com/

From Mike Stewart, The Internet Video Guy & S3MediaPlayer.com

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